Screenshot 05 January, 2:11 pm/ET

TORONTO - The following is a direct copy-paste screenshot of the Sonic News Network chatroom at 5th of January 2014 on 2:11 pm/ET. This screenshot shows that user KrazyKillerTheHater did mean to offend MetalMickey272 in the chatroom yesterday afternoon. This is the entire thing itself (yes, it is) and isn't made to make the user look bad in any way possible. The following is not edited, altered or doctored.
  • 2:05MarioSonicAnyone have seen Ultra in the chat today?
  • 2:05CariconCommander neh
  • 2:06KrazyKillertheHaterultras edits get me all excited
  • metals not here cuz i beat his a** so hard yesterday
  • 2:09CariconCommander ...
  • 2:10KrazyKillertheHater...
  • yeah...
  • ._.

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